My personal website.
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About Break

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; | Welcome to Break's Liar          |
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; CopyUpAndDown 2020

CL-USER> (info :break)

My name is Break Yang.

I am a software engineer by trade, working on automating things (e.g. cars). 
I spent my school years studying Math, Control, Economics and Computer Vision.

Fun fact: I have been practicing programming since 6 when my father brings home a laptop. 

Currently, my main focus is in autonomous driving robots.
More specifically, building practical solutions 
for various driving :decision and :planning 
under :uncertain and :interactive scenarios.

CL-USER> (skills-of :break)

  3. (:NIX :NIXOS)
  5. :MORE

CL-USER> (intrest-of :break)

I am very into programming languages, and used to be a proud Lisp hacker at Google. 
Besides coding, I also love

  0. :my-wife
  1. :my-cats
  2. :reading
  3. :robotics
  4. :gaming  ;; I have a Nintendo Switch
  5. :puzzels
  6. :origami
  7. :singing
  8. :more